The Best Switches
in the Best Cases

Alps switches are known for being some of the best ever made, so they're a natural match for the best enthusiast cases and all they entail: total control over layout and function, and sophisticated mounting methods with the carefully conceived sound and key feel they bring.

It's not possible to just throw Alps switches into a modern case, like you can with MX switches, though. After deciding on a case and layout, and finding compatible pcb, switches, and keycaps, it's still necessary to fabricate a plate to bring everything together. That's where we come in.

Availability Based on Workload

Builds for Many Budgets

Commission fees include the total cost of components, plus a fee for sourcing, designing, and building that is based on the complexity of the desired keyboard.

Almost any modern enthusiast case can be utilized, provided it is readily available on the aftermarket and plate files are either available or easily reverse-engineered.

Tell us what you're thinking of.

Ready to Build?

Let's Talk

The custom keyboard world is vast already, and the options added with Alps are many. We can walk you through switch, plate, mounting, and aesthetic choices, and make sure the keyboard you receive fits you perfectly.

Creativity is our driving impulse -- we love planning and creating novel builds with design that turns heads. Hopefully you've noticed this in our past projects. We put just as much attention to detail into the fit & finish and typing experience as we do aesthetics, so let's work together to create something impressive.